Archaeological Textiles Review 61

Editors: Eva Andersson Strand, Karina Grömer, Jane Malcolm-Davies & Ulla Mannering


Archaeological Textiles Review 61 




Spinning for the gods? Preliminary observations on prehistoric textile production at Hierakonpolis, Egypt

Anne Drewsen


Textiles from Zawaydah, Naqada, Upper Egypt

Margarita Gleba, Mathieu Boudin and Grazia A. Di Pietro


Late Antique textiles from Egypt in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen

Cecilie Brøns, Ina Vanden Berghe and Irene Skals


Blue dyed textiles in Early Iron Age Europe: Accessible or exclusive?

Patricia Hopewell and Susanna Harris


The Textiles of Üzüür Gyalan: Towards the identification of a nomadic weaving tradition in the Mongolian Altai

Kristen Rye Pearson, Chuluunbat Mönkhbayar, Galbadrakh Enkhbat and Jamsranjav Bayarsaikhan


Time looms over us: Observations from an experimental comparison of medieval English loom-types

Gwendoline Pepper


Nets – Knots – Lace: Early 16th century headdresses from East Tyrol

Beatrix Nutz


A mysterious little piece: A compound-weave textile incorporating sea silk from the Natural History Museum, London

Felicitas Maeder, Penelope Walton Rogers and Margarita Gleba



THEFBO. The cultural-historical importance of textile production in the prehistoric wetland settlements

Johanna Banck-Burgess


Project reassessment of iconic textiles at the Halle Museum: Ditfurt, Latdorf and Unterteutschenthal

Friederike Hertel and Karina Grömer


Textile activity and its tools in the culturally mixed framework of Sicily between the 13th and the fifth centuries BCE

Gabriella Longhitano


Project TT-nhm: A record of textile tools in the archives of the Natural History Museum Vienna

Ingrid Schierer and Karina Grömer


A new international project: The fabric of my life

Marie-Louise Nosch


The Margrethe Hald archive: Digitisation and communication

Ulrikka Mokdad



Christina Rinaldo 1944-2019



Current research in textile archaeology along the Nile

Marie-Louise Nosch


FIBRES in early textiles from prehistory to 1600 CE

Emma Smith and Sarah Hudson


Household textiles (and production) in and beyond the Viking Age

Eva Andersson Strand


Ancient textile production from an interdisciplinary approach

Jennifer Beamer


Silk in Ancient Greece and its resonance

Eva Andersson Strand


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