Archaeological Textiles Review 62

Editors: Eva Andersson Strand, Karina Grömer, Jane Malcolm-Davies & Ulla Mannering


Archaeological Textiles Review  62 




An exceptional way to join two textiles: A textile fragment from Hisn al-Bab, Egypt

Anne Kwaspen


Bandages for Bastet: a study of three Egyptian cat mummies

Luise Ørsted Brandt, Anne Haslund Hansen, Hussein Shokry and Chiara Villa


The analysis and conservation of a 5th century CE child’s tunic from Egypt

Christina Margariti, Ina Vanden Berghe, Gabriela Sava and Tina Chanialaki


Cultural interconnections: textile craft and burial practices in Early Medieval Sudan

Elsa Yvanez, Mary Lou Murillo, Vincent Francigny and Alex de Voogt


Medieval Nubia: a contribution to the study of textiles from Meinarti

Magdalena M. Wozniak and Barbara Czaja


Exploring the construction of a Bronze Age braided band from Dartmoor, UK

Celia Elliott-Minty


Dating loom weights from Százhalombatta-Földvár, Hungary

Sophie Bergerbrant and Magdolna Vicze


Early Iron Age Textile Tools from the Požega Valley, Croatia

Hrvoje Potrebica and Julia Katarina Fileš Kramberger


Late La Tène and Early Roman textile tools from Dorno, Italy

Serena Scansetti


Animal hair evidence in an 11th century female grave in Luistari, Finland

Tuija Kirkinen, Krista Vajanto and Stina Björklund


High Medieval textiles of Asian and Middle Eastern provenance at Prague castle, Czech Republic

Milena Bravermanová, Helena Březinová and Jana Bureš Víchová


Pious vanity: Two pairs of 18th century abbesses’ knitted gloves

Sylvie Odstrčilová


The Gällared shroud: a clandestine early 19th century foetal burial

Elizabeth E. Peacock, Stina Tegnhed, Emma Maltin and Gordon Turner-Walker



Linen twills from the Hallstatt salt mine re-dated

Karina Grömer, Margarita Gleba, Mathieu Boudin and Hans Reschreiter


Holy hands: studies of knitted liturgical gloves

Angharad Thomas and Lesley O’Connell Edwards


Heritage Gansey Knitting Network Project

Lisa Little


Margrethe Hald: the life and work of a textile pioneer

Ulrikka Mokdad, Morten Grymer-Hansen and Eva Andersson Strand


EuroWeb: a new European network and COST Action 2020-2024

Marie Louise Nosch, Agata Ulanowska and Elsa Yvanez



Texel Stocking Project conference

Christine Carnie


The colour BLUE in ancient Egypt and Sudan

Susanne Klose


EAA: Annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists

Luise Ørsted Brandt, Elsa Yvanez, Matilde Borla, Varvara Busova, Samantha Brown, Bela Dimova, Francesco Meo, Alessandro Quercia, Francesca Coletti, Vanessa Forte, Christina Margariti and Stella Spantidaki


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