Archaeological Textiles Review 63


Editors: Karina Grömer, Mary Harlow, Jane Malcolm-Davies, Ulla Mannering, Kayleigh Saunderson & Elsa Yvanez

Archaeological Textiles Review 63




Textile fibres from the Caleta Vitor Archaeological Complex, northern Chile

Tracy Martens


Problems with Greek clothing terminology

Quentin Richard


Nubian textile features: wool fragments from Hisn al-Bab and a tunic from Fag el-Gamus, Egypt

Anne Kwaspen


Raincoats or riches? Contextualising vararfeldir through multi-perspective experiments

Julia Hopkin


Golden textiles from Gokstad

Marianne Vedeler


Viking Age textiles and tapestries: drawings by Miranda Bødtker

Lise Bender Jørgensen, Dagfinn Moe and Hana Lukesova


The textile bog find from Vong in Denmark

Ulla Mannering, Charlotte Rimstad and Irene Skals


Reconstructions revived: a handweaver’s personal perspective

Anna Nørgård


Margrethe Hald: the quest for the tubular loom

Ulrikka Mokdad and Morten Grymer-Hansen




EgYarn: Unravelling the thread: textile production in New Kingdom Egypt

Chiara Spinazzi-Lucchesi


Knowledge sharing: a newly found 2,700-year-old tablet-woven band from Hallstatt, Austria

Karina Grömer, Silvia Ungerechts and Hans Reschreiter


Unravelling Nubian funerary practices: textiles and body wrappings in ancient Sudan

Elsa Yvanez


Metallic idiophones 800 BCE to 800 CE in Central Europe: their function and acoustic influence in daily life

Karina Grömer, Kayleigh Saunderson and Beate Maria Pomberger


RECONTEXT: Reconstructing the history of Egyptian textiles from the first millennium CE at the National Museum of Denmark

Maria Mossakowska-Gaubert


Unwrapping the Galloway Hoard

Susanna Harris and Martin Goldberg


Fashioning the Viking Age: status after the first three years

Ulla Mannering


All the goods of the earth: making and marketing in the pre-Mongol marketplace

Corinne Mühlemann



THEFBO: the significance of archaeological textiles

Mila Andonova and Karina Grömer


Textiles and Seals: carving out a new research field and weaving data together

Marie Louise Nosch


Funerary Textiles in Situ: an interdisciplinary workshop

Magdalena M Wozniak


The Association of Dress Historians’ Annual New Research Conference

Lena Larsson Lovén


Old Textiles – More Possibilities: the Centre for Textile Research‘s 15th anniversary conference

Elsa Yvanez


The textile dimension: textile finds in archaeology

Petra Linscheid and Sabine Schrenk


North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles

Erika Ruhl and Sanna Lipkin


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