Archaeological Textiles Review 64


Editors: Karina Grömer, Mary Harlow, Jane Malcolm-Davies, Ulla Mannering, Kayleigh Saunderson & Elsa Yvanez


Archaeological Textiles Newsletter 64 




Threads and reused textiles as decorative items in Deir el-Medina, Egypt

Chiara Spinazzi-Lucchesi


Textile from the Crannog: analyses and weave experiment of a 2/1 twill weave from Oakbank, Scotland, 400 BCE

Susanna Harris, Frances Houston and Jason Oliver


Missing Link – Early Roman textiles and Norican-Pannonian female dress from Potzneusiedl, Austria

Kayleigh Saunderson, Karina Grömer and Lucia C. Formato


A chieftain’s colourful garments: microinvasive analysis of Norwegian Snartemo V textiles

Krista Wright, Maarten R. van Bommel, Tuija Kirkinen,Jenni Suomela, Jani Seitsonen and Janne Ruokolainen


Three objects catalogued as vantsöm in the collections of the Museum der Kulturen in Basel, Switzerland

Cary Karp and Anne Marie Decker


Fulled red hose: a grave find from Ravattula Ristimäkiin south west Finland dated to the early 13th century

Jaana Riikonen and Juha Ruohonen


Shirts for life and eternity in the grave of Bishop Peder Winstrup (1605–1679)

Pernilla Rasmussen


Norwegian double-cloth: warp-weighted loom experiments in a complicated technique

Katherine L. Larson and Marta Kløve Juuhl



Fashioning Sudan. Archaeology of Dress along the Middle Nile

Elsa Yvanez


Textile production in the Western Mediterranean: Phoenician and Punic contexts between the 9th and2nd centuries BCE

Nina Ferrante


Deciphering the pattern of the tablet-woven band on the tunic from Thorsberg

Sylvie Odstrčilová


Textile Resources in Viking Age Landscapes (TRiVal)

Eva Andersson Strand


Unpicking the Bacton Altar Cloth: innovative methodologies for interpreting embroidered textile artefacts

Challe Hudson, Cynthia Jackson, Natalie Bramwell-Booth, Christine Carnie and Jennifer Worrall


The Ghastly Garment: a knitted waistcoat associated with King Charles I

Jane Malcolm-Davies and Beatrice Behlen


TEX-KR project: from textile remains to lost practices, investigating the textile material culture of conflict of the Khmer Rouge regime

Magali An Berthon


EuroWeb COST Action ‘Europe through Textiles. Network for an integrated and interdisciplinary Humanities’

Agata Ulanowska, Francisco B. Gomes, Alina Iancu, Christina Margariti, Paula Nabais, Marie-Louise Nosch, Louise Quillien, Francesco Meo, Hana Lukesova and Magdalena Woźniak



Reconstructing Textiles and their History

Maria Mossakowska-Gaubert


Margrethe Hald and the Nordic History of Textile Research

Anne Drewsen


Smart Textiles from Antiquity to Modern Times

Audrey Gouy


DRESSED: The Widespread Role of Clothes, Textile Production and Clothing Concepts in Society

Ulrike Beck and Martin Jess


28th European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) Annual Meeting

Ulla Mannering


VIII Purpureae Vestes International Symposium

Chiara Spinazzi-Lucchesi


Missing Persons: who were the typical Tudors?

Jane Malcolm-Davies


Current Research in Textile Archaeology along the Nile

Chiara Spinazzi-Lucchesi



Audrey Henshall 1927-2021

John Peter Wild


Annelies Goldmann 1936-2022

Johanna Banck-Burgess, Eva-Maria Pfarr and Antje Goldmann


Anne Reichert 1935-2022

Johanna Banck-Burgess, Sabine Karg, Helmut Schlichtherle, Wolfram Schier and Renate Ebersbach


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