Annual Meeting in 2008

The 2008 annual general meeting of the society Friends of ATN was held on 14 May 17.30-18.30 at the Centre for Textile Research, in Copenhagen. In order to maximise the number of members present, this year the meeting was held in conjunction with the North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles, taking place on 13-18 May.


Margarita Gleba, Eva Andersson Strand, Ulla Mannering, Marianne Bloch Nansen, Sascha Mauel, Susan Möller-Wiering, Ida Demant, Frances Pritchard, Carol Christiansen, Sandra Comis, Jerzy Maik, Eva Jordan-Fahrbach, Dietlind Hachmeister, Johanna Banck-Burgess, Nicole Reifarth, Britt Nowack-Böck, Kordula Gostencnik, Elisabeth Völling, Annelies Goldmann, Eva-Maria Pfarr, Saskia Thijsse, Ruth Gilbert, Sue Harrington, André Verchecken, Chris Lammens, Felicity Wild, John Peter Wild, Elizabeth Wincott Heckett, Hanna Zimmermann, Ellinor Sydberg, Marie-Louise Nosch, Lauritz H. Gregersen

As no additional proposals have been sent in by the members, the agenda was following:

  1. 1. Election of a chairperson, if somebody so wishes: Eva B. Andersson Strand elected as chairperson of the board.
  2. 2. The report of the board for the period since the previous annual general meeting: Eva B. Andersson Strand, Margarita Gleba and Ulla Mannering reported on the establishment of the society ‘Friends of ATN’, statutes, new editors, scientific board, establishment of website, new layout, advertisement of ATN in TSA, CIETA, DISTAFF and fliers to be sent to various institutions around the world; issue 46 in progress.
  3. 3. Presentation and approval of the revised account of 31st of December: no account for 2007; transfer of 29.578,50 DKK from Manchester by John Peter Wild on 18th January 2008; 14 individual and 7 institutional memberships paid via website as of 17 April 2008.
  4. 4. Decisions concerning individual and institutional subscription fee for the current financial year: yearly membership fee for 2008 established at 20€ individual, 30€ institutional; for 2009: 30€ individual, 40€ institutional.
  5. 5. Election of 3 members of the board and 1 deputy member for the current financial year: Eva B. Andersson Strand, Margarita Gleba, Ulla Mannering remain as board members, Carol Christiansen elected as deputy.
  6. 6. Election of an auditor and 1 deputy auditor member for the current financial year: Marie-Louise Nosch and Lauritz H. Gregersen stay as auditor and deputy.

Miscellaneous: presentation of website and new layout; discussion of challenges and possibilities: digital version of ATN to be sent as PDF file for lesser fee; issues 46- available on-line a year later (copyright clearance required from all authors); reprinting of issues 1-45; website as a platform for announcements and distribution of other items.

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