Archaeological Textiles Review 65



Editors: Karina Grömer, Mary Harlow, Jane Malcolm-Davies, Ulla Mannering, Kayleigh Saunderson & Elsa Yvanez


Archaeological Textiles Review 65




Preserved in clay: Ornamentation of Late Neolithic ceramic funerary vessels

Monika Kaczmarek


The materiality of textiles and textile tools in the Late Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean

Caroline Sauvage


Analysis and conservation of a Bronze Age linen textile from Suffolk, UK

Anna Harrison, Caroline Cartwright, Susanna Harris, Fleur Shearman and Neil Wilkin


Textiles attached to Roman coins: Case studies and interpretations

Leyre Morgado-Roncal and Karina Grömer


Children’s clothing and funeral attire in the 10th to 12th centuries in Finland

Krista Wright, Jenni Sahramaa and Ina Vanden Berghe


A shared textile heritage: The origin and use of textile patterns in Himalaya and Tibet

Ellen Bangsbo



TEX-TEC – a record of textile tools at the Natural History Museum Vienna

Ingrid Schierer


The fabric of kings (FAROS)

Stella Spantidaki


Ancient clay spools unearthed in the Central Peloponnese and their role in textile production

Alina Iancu


Metallic Idiophones 800 BCE to 800 CE in Central Europe: Archaeology of sound, textiles and costumes

Beate Maria Pomberger, Kayleigh Saunderson and Karina Grömer


The textiles of a mining community in the French Alps during the Second Middle Ages (12th–14th century)

Emeline Retournard


Hanging by a medieval thread? Textile curtains in manuscripts at St John’s College, Cambridge, UK

Sommer Hallquist


Medieval and early modern vestments and other textiles at St John’s College, Oxford

Hannah Skoda and Malcolm Vale


Save the Loom: Defining, documenting and preserving looms

Susanne Lervad and Kathrine Vestergaard Brandstrup


On the origin of silk-ma combined textiles

Zhang Xiyao



Interweaving Bell Beaker decorative motifs and textile patterns

Julia Unger and Kayleigh Saunderson


International study day on “New research on mineralised textiles”

Clémence Iacconi, Loïc Bertrand, Corentin Reynaud, Agathe Chave, Ariane Thomas, Elsa Desplanques and Serge Cohen


The Entangled Making, Uses and Visualisations of Textiles in the Early Medieval Period, 450–1100

Alexandra Makin


29th European
Association of Archaeologists (EAA) Annual Meeting 2023 – Weaving Narratives

Katrin Kania and Ronja Lau, Hana Lukesova and Margarita Gleba


42nd Dyes in History and Archaeology Conference

Ulla Mannering


The Textiles from
the Nile Valley’s 13th Conference: Silk textiles from Egypt and neighbouring countries from Roman to Mamluk times

Sarah Fahldieck



Karen-Hanne Stærmose Nielsen 1933–2023

Ida Demant


Penelope Walton
Rogers 1950–2023

Lise Bender Jørgensen and Frances Pritchard


Jana Jones 2023


Alistair Dickey and Aaron de Souza 

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