Archaeological Textiles Review 60


Editors: Eva Andersson Strand, Karina Grömer, Jane Malcolm-Davies & Ulla Mannering


Archaeological Textiles Review 60 




Sticks, stones, fingers and bones: nurturing knitting and the other neglected non-wovens

Jane Malcolm-Davies


Unravelling the confusions: Defining concepts to record archaeological and historical evidence for knitting

Jane Malcolm-Davies, Ruth Gilbert and Susanne Lervad


Do you read my signal? An attempt at the application of clear terminology in recording archaeological knitwork

Ruth Gilbert


The church cap and the crypt cap: Early modern knitted fragments found in Denmark

Maj Ringgaard


Knitted wool stockings in the Museum of London: A study of 16th century construction

Lesley O’Connell Edwards


Early modern stockings in museums in the Czech Republic

Sylvie Odstrčilová


Knitted fragments of clothes excavated from the Swedish 17th century flagship Kronan

Helena Lundin


Two knitted mittens from a 17th century Dutch shipwreck

Annemarieke Willemsen


Investigating 16th century knitting with citizen science: An archaeological experiment into fleece and fulling

Jane Malcolm-Davies and Rosalind Mearns



News from Çatalhöyük

Antoinette Rast-Eicher and Lise Bender Jørgensen


TexMeroe: New approaches to cultural identity and economics in ancient Sudan and Nubia through textile archaeology

Elsa Yvanez


The Salt Mummies of Zanjan: Textile research in Iran in a conservation and exhibition project

Karina Grömer and Natascha Bagherpour


Fashioning the Viking Age

Ulla Mannering


THREAD: a meeting place for scholars and refugees in textile and dress research

Jane Malcolm-Davies and Marie-Louise Nosch



Else Østergård 1940-2018

Irene Skals and Lise Bender Jørgensen


Joanne Elizabeth Cutler 1962-2018

Eva Andersson Strand


Karen Finch OBE 1921-2018

Rosalind Janssen



European Textile Forum

Katrin Kania


A World of Looms: Weaving technology and textile arts in China and beyond

Magdalena Öhrman


Textiles and Gender: Production to wardrobe from the Orient to the Mediterranean in Antiquity

Agata Ulanowska


Exploring textiles and textile working from Prehistory to AD 500

Elsa Yvanez


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